From Complete Mold Refurbishments to Component Modifications, we have expertise in the following tooling: Injections Molds: Medical molds, Thin Wall Packaging Molds, Stack molds, special venting. Packaging: Single Stage Stretch Blow (Nissei, Aoki, Automa, Etc) Two Stage Preform Molds(Husky, MHT, R&D Leverage), Sipa (One and Two Stage tooling), Injection Blow Tooling (Jomar, Unilloy, Pet All, etc) Two Stage Blow Molds- (Sidel, Krones, KHS, etc)

Mold Repair- We provide a wide variety of solutions for the repair of any molding component from repairing a small ding or imperfection in a molding surface to the re-establishing lock up tapers. 

Additional Services:
Welding- Micro & Tig
Laser Engraving- Surface Marking, Deep engraving, 3D engraving & micro engraving
Mold Polishing- Micro Polishing, Blast finishes, Stone Finishes, Diamond & Mirror Finishes

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